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Remembering Our Deceased Family and Friends

John McCann,

Mairead Brady,

Claire Perry,

Ann Dobbin,

Seamus Mulligan,

Lesa Crane,

James Stranney,

Ann Russell,

Maud Perry,

Marie McNamara,

Daniel Parkinson,

Richard Barrow,

Baby Charlie Oakes,

Thomas McManus,

Aaron Laverty,

Cormac Wylie,

Eric John Ryan,

Lauri Ritchie,

This new page has been created to remember our loved ones who have passed away since 1st November 2018.

We will update the page on a monthly basis.

Gretta McAvera

Delia Sheilds

Moira Reilly

Maeve Black

Frankie Mason

Seamus Murphy

Elizabeth Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Norah Fitzsimons

Vera Vaughan

Sheila Gorman

Brendan Tweedie

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Mary Reilly

Teresa Laverty

John Skeffington

Fergus Curran

Colm Ellesmere

Eileen McCullough

Margaret Trueman

Baby Bonnie McStravick

Baby Dollie McStravick

Peggy Curran

Sheila Powderley

Sarah Hogg

Mary Mercedes Lygo

Anne Woods

Thomas Burns

Frankie McKenna

Christina Morrison

Theresa O'Lone

Oliver & Helen Reilly

Baby Jan Gordon

Una Burke

Brian Fitzsimmons

Baby Mason Joseph Coleman

Betty Smyth

Cíaran Taggart

Julieanne Murphy

Mary Shiels

Charlie Oakes

Pat Martin

Liam Martin

Jean Totten

Alfie Linehan

Anne Pancott

Peggy Irvine

Dermot Trainor

Josephine Hogg

James Lennon

Patrica Rhodes

Sammy Sharvin

Amy-Lee Hughes

Dominic Montgomery

Gertrude Marner

Baby Estin Nikolova
Dorenda Brannigan

Mary Alice Kelly

Christopher Casement

John Rogan

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We Remember In Our Thoughts And Prayers:

Raymond Blaney

Martina Moore

Alfie Fitzsimons

Michael Fallon

Mary T Magorrian

Michelle Sheppard

Hughie McGreevy

Muiread Cunningham

Henry Dagens

Teresa Lavery

Jean Cassidy

Eamon Smyth

Pat Perry